Monday, 2 July 2012

Madeleine mini bloomers

It's time for another post, no?

Once I'd finally managed to get my corset started, I really got a taste for sewing. This happens every time I make something to be honest, but a lot of the time I can't start something new at once because I don't have the materials at home, and I end up losing my sewing mania. So this time I decided that I needed to make it possible for myself to start something new at once!

Picture borrowed from The Coletterie

I'd been looking at Colette Pattern's Madeleine Mini Bloomers for quite some time, wondering if they'd look as cute on me as they did on the model in Colette's promotional picture. Finally, I decided that it didn't really matter, because the pattern was free and I could make it with fabric I had at home. Having no printer, I went to the local library to print the pattern. This was something of a mistake, as I ended up paying four times more than I would have needed to if only I'd bothered to take the 10-minute walk up to my university library. I'll keep that in mind next time.

The pattern printed perfectly, thank god, and was reasonably simple to cut out and tape together. It took a long time and was a little bit fiddly, but the pattern-matching arrows were very helpful! I decided to make my first pair of bloomers up in a striped fabric I have loads of at home. It used to be a pair of curtains, or possibly several pairs, and I've already made a skirt and a simple bag out of it. The pattern pieces fit together beautifully, and the only really tricky part was pressing the curved seams, as I don't have a tailor's ham yet.

There are two channels for elastic in the waistband of the bloomers, and one channel for ribbon in each of the legs. This felt a bit daunting at first, as I still hadn't got the hang of sewing perfectly straight seams. However, it turned out my sewing machine had a nifty little seam allowance tool that I quickly grew to love. This will certainly come in handy when I sew my corset!

The bloomers were very quick to make, I started them in the evening and finished them next morning. They look super cute on me, though next time I make them I might raise the waistline an inch or two, because there will be a next time! These bloomers are the perfect at-home clothing, and I even feel comfortable enough in them to go outside in them (just to have an ice cream in the sun and going to the laundry room mind, I wouldn't wear these for going shopping...).

My bloomers! Striped cotton fabric and white satin ribbon, super cute!
I usually wear a loose top over them and it's a very flattering look! I'm considering making a baby doll top to go with them, inspired by Lena Hoschek's sleepwear.

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