Thursday, 18 April 2013

Socks and trousers

Soooo, as usual, lots of things going on. Among others, I've been accepted to the master's programme in translation that I applied for - woo!

I also made a sock - using Ellen Wixted's Snowflake Socks pattern, one of those I wrote about in my last entry. One more sock is on its way, in time for spring no less...

Stranded knitting is so much fun! I haven't really gotten the hang of holding both colours at once, so I usually just drop one colour to pick up the next one. It's fairly quick anyway, I just need to stop and unwind the yarns from one another sometimes, haha!

Today I've been sewing a mock-up for a pair of trousers from the glorious 80's book Sy Byxor, or Sew Trousers in English. Could you get away with a cover like this for a modern sewing book? I kind of doubt it. I like it, though I doubt it would have worked as well if the women inside the book didn't look so severe.

Anyway, the patterns are all great (if you're into 80's style trousers). The instructions are minimal, along the lines of "trace pattern, cut, sew", so I'm glad I've sewn trousers before (poofy viking trousers no less! Oh, and my bloomers). The sizes worked surprisingly well. Sure, this is a forgiving pattern, but I'm used to my hips being two to three sizes larger than my waist and here I was able to cut one size all the way.

I'll shorten my trousers a bit, because I want them to end mid-calf, and I also want to raise the waist a little bit - and add pockets! Apart from that, I don't think I'll make any changes for this pair.

The pair below are a bit difficult to make out on the picture, but they're made in velvet which sounds very neat, I'll make sure to try them out!

Finally, I realised I never show my face on here. I'm pretty camera shy and tend to be the person behind the camera whenever pictures are being taken. But not always, so... hi guys!

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