Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Knitting and other things

I'm really into knitting at the moment. It's so much easier to work on a knitting project than a sewing project, and since spring seems to be reluctant this year I might as well stock up on warm things.

Some might say that I ought to focus on one thing at a time, but I find that I need to indulge my whims when it comes to crafting, or I lose interest. Right now I'm knitting gloves (teased here) but they are almost done and I'm going away for Easter, so I need to find a new project. I'm thinking socks.

These Classic Kilim socks are just gorgeous, and the idea of using a rainbow coloured yarn for stranded knitting is so cool! I need to make them some day but the pattern is in a book, which I won't be able to get before Thursday. So that's out.

I'm thinking Ellen Wixted's neat Snowflake socks. Probably in the colourway shown here, unless I get really attached to another yarn while I'm in the store. It's those or the Water for the elepants-socks:

Yeah, I tried stranded knitting and found I couldn't get enough. Also, I'm on Ravelry now!

Oh and maybe you need some proof that I actually create stuff once in a while, I don't just start projects and drool over other people's things. Have some embroidery (ahem, not a finished project though):


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    1. Eller hur! Den här gången blev det sockorna i mitten för min del, ska se till att få upp lite bilder så fort den första är klar :)